Voice Acting Masterclass with
Peter Warnock


95% of voice reels fail because actors just want it done and don’t take the time to research, plan and practise first… Without taking the right steps, those expensive reels will end up at the metaphorical bottom of your drawer!

 This unique, 2 day masterclass will explore some of the most exciting areas of the voice over industry including commercial voice overs and voice acting for video games.

It’s a completely immersive and practical masterclass – there’ll be very little sitting around here! Instead, participants will be up on the mic, shaking off any nerves and starting to build the technique and discover the vocal range needed for the vast world of voice over.

What can you expect to learn?:

• how to describe your voice and where you might fit in the voice over world
• what goes on a variety of voice reels including commercial, games, Radio Drama etc

• how to approach copy

• how to approach the microphone

• good vocal habits

• how to nail auditions

• how to self-direct

• using Peter’s “Flow Technique” to change your read style and be more believable

• the nuts and bolts of working in the voice over industry
• how to move forward after the masterclass

• about voice over kit, home studios and the costs involved

You’ll also learn about using pitch, resonators, mouth shape, physicality, rhythm, phrasing and more – all of which form your toolbox for developing a never-ending range of characters, voices and being believable.

Your voice is a musical instrument! – give it the focus, energy, practice, care and love it needs and it will reward you a thousand times over.


With over 20 years in the business, Peter Warnock is a disciplined, meticulous, physical actor, and a passionate, adaptive voice artist with bases in LA, London and Dublin.

He averages over 1000 voice overs a year. Most recent video game work includes playing 8 characters in the highly successful Witcher 3.

Being from Ireland originally, but having lived in the UK for the past 20 years, Peter has a large range of accents including: all Irish accents, Northern Irish, RP, Scottish, a variety of British regional accents, various American accents (including Gen Am), Russian, Polish, French, German, Austrian, Dutch… – pretty much anything apart from Welsh!

Peter is a vastly experienced tutor running courses and workshops across the UK, USA and Ireland and is a regular guest tutor at Bow Street Academy. His passion for Shakespeare, text and language is backed up with a Masters in Voice and Singing.


APPLICATIONS: To apply please email your most recent CV to training@bowstreet.ie


Participation Fee €200

Observer Fee: €50

COURSE DATE:   APRIL 18th & 19th 2024

COURSE TIMES: 10am – 5pm