How To Make
a Short Film

About The Course.

Making a short film is not rocket science. It might feel like it but that’s only because you have yet to discover how simple it can be once you understand the basic fundamentals.
This course will guide you through these fundamentals including:
Perfecting Your Script
Understanding what your Film is actually about
Raising Finance and Budgeting
Collaborating with Crew & Cast
Where to put the Camera
Music, Score & Sfx
Promoting the film & Festivals
The course is run by multi award winning filmmakers Laura O’Shea and Shimmy Marcus whose short films have been viewed by millions of people aroiund the world at festivals, on TV and online.
As well as the fundementals you will learn how to express your creative vision and find the most appropropriate ways to tell YOUR story.
This course is ideal for those looking to make their 1st short film or those who have already made one and are looking for better techniques and guidelines to realise their vision.

Given the limited time available the focus is on covering as many aspects of the short filmmaking process rather than specific practical exercises.

“The absolute best 2 days – my head is exploding in the best possible way. If you can, do this short film course. Also, if you’re an actor it helps so much because I now understand what it’s like from the Director/DOP’s point of view.” Ruth

Brilliant course! So much insight on the process and lots of fun with Laura and Shimmy. Can only recommend this!.”  Noah

What a brilliant couple of days. Loved this Short Film course, learned loads. Looking forward to putting it to use and future collabs with a great group too.”  Carroll

Two days learning from the very best, can’t recommend enough! 5 Stars.” Jason

It was an amazing course. Feel revved up to make a short now! Thanks to Laura and Shimmy.” Denny

It was great fun, informative and inspiring. I have gone on to write, cast and direct my own short since taking the course.”

APPLICATIONS: To apply please email a Headshot and CV to


COURSE DATES:  April 11th & 12th 2024

COURSE TIMES: 10am – 5pm