Short Film Festival.

Welcome to our award winning Short Film Festival that features Bow Street alumni. There’s something for everyone here from Comedy to Horror with our alumni highlighted in bold. Many of the shorts feature adult themes and may not be suitable for children so viewer discretion is advised. Finally a big thank you to the Production Companies who have granted us permission to share their films with you.

Now grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

WOOF!   6’ 37 mins
Writer/Director: Ben Moran
Production company: Secret Beach Films
CAST:  Niamh McCormack, Robyn Trout and Alex Hannigan
When a prank goes wrong, Dómhnall has to improvise to keep his girlfriend out of trouble!

HOLD THE LINE  12 mins
Director: Laura O’ Shea & Karen Killeen.
Writer: Laura O’ Shea Producer: Laura O’ Shea
CAST: Laura O’ Shea, Lesa Thurman Russell, Tony Doyle
Em works in a call centre. She faces a day more difficult than the usual ‘customer care queries’ and is on the brink. That’s until; she picks up the phone to Patsy.

Writer/Director: Maria Doyle Kennedy  Producer: Kieran Kennedy
CAST: Daniel Kennedy, Orla Casey  Tony Doyle, Ali Hardiman, Ericka Roe, Conor O’Dwyer, Eleanor O’Brien, Doru Dragos Micu, Aaron Katambay
Mermaid Productions

HOW WAS YOUR DAY?   13′ 35 mins
Writer/Director: Damien O’Donnell   Producer: Emmaline Dowling
 © A Suitable Films Production
CAST: Eileen Walsh, Sean Duggan, Beibhinn Jones, Sarah Allen Clarke, Nathalie Clement, Lorna Larkin, Bear Thompson.
A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her 1st child. A multi award winning short that questions the presumption of motherly love.

Writer / Director /Editor: Keith Jordan
Produced: Keith Jordan and Adam Traynor
Production company: ThisContent
CAST:  Claire Gleeson, Karen Kelly, Matthew McNicholas
“Here, will ya meet me mate?”

Writer / Director: Keith Jordan
Produced by Keith Jordan and Adam Traynor
Production Company: ThisContent
CAST:  Claire Gleeson,  Karen Kelly,  Chelsea O’Toole,  Rebecca Duff
“Do ya want your bleedin’ go, do ya?”

LILY  21′ 27 mins
Writer/Director: Graham Cantwell  Producer: Sharon Cronin
CAST: Clara Harte  Dean Quinn  Leah McNamara
Amy-Joyce Hastings  Paul Ronan  Aisling O’Neill
Lynette Callaghan  Niamh McCormack
Lily, a girl with a secret on the cusp of becoming a young woman,
is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life.

Director: Phil Ronayne    Produced by: Fireball Films
CAST: Catriona Loughlin
A glimpse into the life of an innocent women dedicated to her duty at a quiet railway crossing as she dreams of a future full of possibilities

YOU MUPPET!   2’ 17 mins
Director: Kings of the Harpies   Writer: Rob Earley 
CAST: Rob Earley, Mark Lawrence,  Jamie Sykes, Sven Mortiz, John McMahon.
Always be yourself, especially when meeting new people.

FOR YOU   12’  21 mins
Director: Brendan Canty  Writer: Alan O’Gorman + Brendan Canty   Producer: David Lester Mooney
CAST:  Barry Keoghan, Gabby Murphy, Hilary Vesey
A timid 18-year-old from inner-city Dublin prepares for her boyfriend’s debs but her social anxieties and struggles with her mother’s alcoholism make life difficult.

SHOEBOX   13’ 34 mins
Director: Gary Duggan  Writer: Carmel Callan
Producer: Larry Cowan, Lamb Films & Kildare Short Grass Films
CAST: Charleigh Bailey, Hilda Fay, Clara Calamai, Matthew Ralli, Aenne Barr
In the midst of the housing crisis, a young single mother struggles to provide her charitable daughter with a more stable home than she had.

WAVE  13 mins
Directors:  Benjamin Cleary, TJ O’Grady Peyton  Writer:  Benjamin Cleary
Producer:  Rebecca Bourke
CAST:  TJ O’Grady Peyton    Jarvis Cocker   Emmet Kirwan   Tiny James
Danny Kehoe   Daniel Reardon    Caoimhe O’Malley   Barry John Kinsella
A man wakes from a coma speaking a fully formed but unrecognizable language baffling linguistic experts.

PEBBLES   15 mins
Writer/Director: Jonarthan Shaw  Produced by Lisa Kelly
CAST: Marie Mullen  Niamh Algar  Sam McGovern  Stephen Brennan  Sean Duggan
On her 50th Wedding Anniversary Ruby returns to the Hotel where she spent her Honeymoon. Will her estranged husband return to honour a promise?

CASUAL   10 mins
Director: Aoife Nic Ardghail & Kate Dolan
Writer/Producer: Aoife Nic Ardghail

CAST: Aoife Nic Ardghail, Fiona Lucia McGarry, Mark Donaghy and Terry O’Neill.
Maura’s been dumped and is stuck with grim feelings of rejection so decides to take control.

Director: Kings of the Harpies     Writer:  Rob Earley
CAST: Rob Earley, Mark Lawrence, Jamie Sykes, Ros Clancy, John McMahon
All Father Gerrity wants to do is watch the match, but unfortunately John picks this time to call over for a chat.

Writer/Director: Steve Gunn
A Barren Lands Production
CAST: Chelsea Debo    TJ O’Grady Peyton   Peter Gaynor
A boy and a girl find themselves in a tricky situation.

PIRATES   16 mins   (Young Screen Actors)
Writer/Director:  Cal Arnold O’Driscoll
CAST:  Cal Arnold O’Driscoll  Adam Dolan   James Keating
Miles Rich   Kian Mooney  Cian Gannon
Niall Rooney  Darragh Taheny  Charlotte Dougherty  Aine Reid
In 1980s Ireland, three friends set Pirate radio in an attempt to beat the bullies and get the girls.

FIRST STAGE   15 mins   (Young Screen Actors)
Written and Directed by Ethan Dodd
CAST: Charlie Roycroft Byrne  Adam Dolan  Sienna Graham
16 year old Elliot misses his girlfriend, Valerie, whose going away has left him reeling. His cousin James wants to help him move on, but Elliot just isn’t quite ready yet.

CORPSE  1’ 09 mins
Directed by: Amy Sanfey & Aiden McCluskey  Written by: Amy Sanfey
CAST: Amy Sanfey  Rebecca Fisher  Ceara Carney  Andrew Kingston  Donall C. Courtney  Aoife Ryan
Don’t close your eyes, you don’t know what you’ll get when you open them

Written, Produced, Directed by Gráinne Holmes Blumenthal
CAST: Gráinne Holmes Blumenthal
Movement piece against verbatim words with no music, inspired by everyone that has ever pursued dance but who ultimately had to give it up.

Writer/Director:  Connall McStravick   Producer: Saorla Earl-Collins
Production Company: Connall McStravick (Ulster University Coleraine)
CAST:  David Maitland,  Paul Murphy,  Brendan O’Flynn, Sandi Brown
As Northern Ireland’s paramilitary culture creeps up on him, a young man must make a deadly decision.

BRENDA  11’ 32 mins
Director: Matteo Bertoli  Writer: Andrew Lynch  Producer: Kate Larkin
CAST: Andrew Lynch, Charleigh Bailey, Ellie Walsh, Ciaran McCable, Laura Murray
© Three Pease Productions
The last day of a heroin addicts life as seen through the eyes of her eight year old daughter.

PODGE   15’ 33 mins
Written and Directed by Rebecca Singleton
Produced by Aideen Moroney
CAST: Wayne Byrne   Aisling Goodwin  Nicole O Connor
Podge, a lonely mortician, can only find love in magazines until tragic circumstances presents love to him.

Written and Directed by Tommy Creagh and Conor Tobin.
Producers : Tommy Creagh, Conor Tobin, Aidan O Sullivan. ( An O Production )
CAST: Rachel Moore, Aidan O Sullivan, Virginie Naudillon, Angel Hannigan, Donall C. Courtney
Erin wakes up next to a canal and begins a journey along it, meeting strange characters who mysteriously already seem to know her.

SAINT BRIGID  3’ 52 mins
Written & Directed by David Keeling
Produced by David Keeling & Conor O’Donovan
CAST: Sophie Merry, Tara Flynn, Eddie Murphy, Mark O’Halloran
A tongue-in-cheek take on the stories surrounding Brigid of Kildare, including her powers.

NEW GUY  4 mins
Director: Mark, Jamie, Rob   Writer: Rob Earley
Produced by: King of  the Harpies
CAST: Rob Earley,  Jamie Sykes, Mark Lawrence
John just wants to settle into his new job but Gordon has other plans.

GO HOME  8 mins
Director: Shane Robinson  Producers: Emma Foley & Tamryn Reinecke  Writer: Síofra
CAST: Síofra O’Meara, Emma Foley, Darragh Guerin, Hannah O’Reilly, Einne O’Connachtain, Ellen Hoban, Joe Caulfield, Eoin Haplin, Colm Lennon,
Battling between reason and delusion, Siofra takes us on a visceral journey through the troubled inner workings of a young woman’s mind.

QUESTIONABLE  2’ 13 mins
Writer/Producer/Director: Robert Dore
Production Company Robert Dore C/O Pulse College
CAST: Brendan O’Flynn  Dave Fleming
A mis print in a personal add leads to a embarrassing moment for a gay curious guy.

POLLY  Dur 6 mins
Writer/director: Jamie Sykes
CAST: Mark Lawrence, Eoin Halpin, Jamie Sykes
Two flatmates fall in love with the same shoe, tearing their friendship apart.

Director: Heath Cullen
Writer: Sam Lucas Smith
Production company: Vard Productions
CAST: Greg Romero Wilson, Sam Lucas Smith, Marty Hargrove
A man’s suicide attempt is cut short when a passerby offers him the most ridiculous reason to live.

BATH MAT    Dur: 1 min
Writer/director: Jamie Sykes
CAST: Mark Lawrence   Rob Earley
A stolen bath mat leads to the unexpected

Director: Kieron J. Walsh   Writer: Patrick McDonnell
Producers: Damien O’Donnell and Emmaline Dowling
CAST: Charlie Kelly  Aoife Duffin  Denis Conway  Manus Halligan
Lorcan Cranitch  Patrick McDonnell   Brid McCarthy
Ireland, Easter, 1916. In Dublin, Owen, a young Irish patriot, wants to join the fight for freedom.

THE TROUBLES  (Long Story Short)  4’ 21
Writer/Producer:  Luke Hanlon  Director: Terry Loughran
CAST:  Luke Hanlon Ray Malone Wayne O Brien  Padraig O Grady
Sean, Francis and Gerry have a very particular way of dealing with drug dealers in their city.

ZEST   14′ 24 mins  (Mature)
Writer/Director Adryan Gerrits   Produced by Liam McCartin
CAST: Adam Traynor  Adryan Gerrits George Cummins
Hopeless romantic Ollie goes on a date with a seemingly perfect gentleman, but not everything goes according to plan.

Writer/Director: Karine Dalsin
CAST: Karine Dalsin
Daughterhood is an audiovisual diary of Karine’s return from Dublin to her parents’ farm in Brazil
to help her elder father recover from a femur fracture.