This workshop focuses on the screenplay development process. From idea to screenplay, we will cover the essential tools you need to create a compelling concept and write a great script. Producers often say scripts work structurally but fall apart on characterisation and dialogue. That is exactly what this workshop will tackle. Through tailored exercises, writers will learn to create nuanced characters and write dialogue that jumps off the page. While covering structure, we will strongly emphasise what producers and commissioners are crying out for: compelling characters and rich dialogue.

In this workshop, you will practice writing exercises in a relaxed environment. Participants’ written work won’t be judged or picked apart. Instead, they will be encouraged to chat about ideas informally guided by the tutor. Through this workshop, you will begin to zero in on a concept, lay a strong foundation and learn the tools you need to help you craft a great story.

Structure. Teasers. Acts. Cliff-hangers. Set ups. Reveals. Reversals.
Format. TV, Film, Series, Episodic, Online.
Dialogue. Direct & Indirect. Subtext. Characterisation.
Pitching. Written versus verbal. Loglines. One pager.
Routes in. Competitions. Agents. Production Companies.

This class will not be a lecture on screenwriting, as you can find plenty of those for free online. Videos will be played to illustrate some points, but you can think of the class as a two-day conversation you will have on story, character and screenwriting.

Actors may be particularly interested in this workshop with the recent success of actor/writers such as Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Michaela Coel, Jamie Demetriou, and Daisy May Cooper; the list goes on who have all launched their careers in shows they have penned. The workshop is aimed at those early in their screenwriting journeys or for the more experienced writers looking for a new way into the story.

Tutor: Anthony Moriarty
MA in Screenwriting from IADT.  Participant in Channel 4’s prestigious 4Screenwriting. Selected by BBC Writersroom Voices programme. Commissioned screenwriter with multiple projects in development in the UK. Top 10 percent of the Nicholl Fellowship run by the Academy of Motion
Pictures and Sciences. Shortlisted for Oxbelly Labs ‘22 (Barry Jenkins, Lulu Wang, Sundance). Recipient of Actor as Creator by Screen Ireland. Acting coach and filmmaker tutor at Bow Street. Represented by United Agents.

APPLICATIONS: To apply please email your most recent CV to


COURSE DATE:   MARCH 28th & 29th 2024

COURSE TIMES: 10am – 5pm