Actor As Creator

About The Scheme.

Bow Street Academy in partnership with Fís Eireann/Screen Ireland and with the support of Equity, are delighted to be collaborating again on The Actor as Creator.

As a continuation of its measures to support the Irish acting
community who have been particularly impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19),
this talent development and showcasing initiative, will showcase the unique creative voices of 30 actors. Each actor will be allocated a grant of €5,000 towards producing a short filmic work that expresses their creative vision.

“The Actor as Creator” is open to experienced screen actors. Actors
are asked to submit a proposal based on a concept, script and / or
character they have originated. The successful recipient will originate,
perform, and produce the short filmic work.

The commissioned actor must be the key performer. All works created and/or produced by the actor must adhere to all Government guidelines and protocols to ensure compliance with Covid-19 related public health
protection measures.

Originality, distinctiveness, and personal expression are to be the
focus rather than production values. A range of skills
tutorials/webinars will be delivered online through Screen Skills
Ireland and Bow Street Academy to support the selected actors.

The actor may work on the piece alone or with a creative collaborator(s) if they so wish (while adhering to Government guidelines and protocols to ensure compliance with Covid-19 related public health protection measures).

Application Process

Each applicant must submit a 1 document application form containing the following:

  • A biography of the applicant to include work CV (1 page)
  • A synopsis of the project
  • Short Outline of the concept / story ( Up to 1 Page)
  • Character breakdowns (1 Page)
  • A short, filmed pitch about their vision for the project and their commitment to this concept (3 minutes max). This can include scene demos, character demos or simulacrums. This should be submitted via an Unlisted YouTube link as part of the application.

Applications must be submitted via the Screen Skills Ireland website and the application form should be uploaded in either PDF or Word doc format. The file should be no bigger that 1MB and the file name must contain only letters and numbers. Please note that only one document may
be uploaded. 

Applications can only be accepted through the Screen Skills Ireland
website. Applications submitted via email will not be considered.

Please upload the application form containing all the details above via the My Details page on your account, which is accessible at log in.
You will also be able to see if your application has been received via
the My Details page, where it should be listed as ‘pending’. 

Please direct all technical queries to

Please direct all non-technical queries about the scheme to

If the project is submitted including a production company and/or producer, it will automatically be deemed ineligible for consideration.