STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM  –  July 6th 2020 – July 31st 2020


           “There’s nothing like this place anywhere.     “I was blown away by the incredibly high standard
            They’re breaking new ground in training.”         of the students. They are amazingly good.”    
                Leo Davis - Casting Director                     Ros Hubbard - Casting Director
     The Queen   Florence Foster Jenkins   Antichrist          Lara Croft: Tomb Raider   The Mummy    Evita

‘Acting for Screen’

Duration: 2 weeks.

July 6th    Introduction to Gerry Grennell Method for Screen Actin –    Act Like a Child – Ownership – Masks

July 7th   Introduction to Gerry Grennell Method for Screen Acting  Prep – The Self Critic – Concept Work

July 8th  Introduction to Gerry Grennell Method for Screen Acting –  Character – Dark Room Exercise – Monologue Performances

July 9th  Shoot & Review Scene Work

July 10th  Galway International Film Festival

July 11th  Galway International Film Festival

July 12th  Galway International Film Festival

July 14th  Film Script Analysis & Scene writing

July 15th  Character Development – How to create authentic inter and external characteristics

July 16th   On Camera Character Improv & review – Film Set Breakdown & Crewing

July 17th   Final character scene filming & review


Gerry Grennell on set working            Gerry Grennell on set working   
with Oscar Nominated Johnny Depp         with Oscar Winner Heath Ledger 

‘Advanced Acting for Camera’

Duration: 2 weeks

July 20th    Advanced Audition Technique

July 21st  Filming Mock Auditions & Review

July 22nd   Advanced Self Taping & Review

July 23rd   Continuity for Screen

July 24th   Film editing & Review of filmed continuity

July 27th  Alexander Technique & Movement for Camera

July 28th   Mirror Work for Camera

July 29th       Advanced Shoot & Review Scene Work

July 30th       Advanced Shoot & Review Scene Work

July 31st        Final Advanced Shoot & Review Scene Work

         “I’ve seen first-hand the extraordinary calibre of actors coming from Bow Street – 
                           both in class and on set. They’re so good I could direct them all day.”                                             
 Jim Sheridan - Filmmaker
My Left Foot   In the Name of the Father   In America


STUDENT TUITION        $ 3,000

ACCOMMODATION       $     900 *

FLIGHTS                            $    700 *


Transport , Accommodation and Screenings & Masterclasses

* These figures are estimated and may change closer to time of travel

Limited places available. For bookings and further info email


Gerry Grennell on set working              Filming scenes at Bow Street 
with Chris Hemsworth


Bow Street is located in Smithfield, one of the most exciting developments in the city with multiple Restaurants, Bars, Medical Centre and Cinema

Bow Street is only a 10 minute walk from Dublin’s City Centre and Trinity College

Bow Street has cooking facilities for students to prepare their own meals

Bow Street is the only Acting School in the world to have alumni nominated by Screen International for their Screen Stars of Tomorrow 3 years in a row. 2017 – 19’


Amy Adams   Paloma Baeza   Ian Bannen   Wes Bently   Orlando Bloom

Marlon Brando   Saffron Burrows   Kathy Burke   Elaine Cassidy

Paddy Consedine   Abbie Cornish   Judy Cornwell   Brian Cox

Tom Cruise   James D’Arcy   Matt Damon   Nigel Davenport

Johnny Depp   Natalie Dormer   Joel Edgerton   Albert Finney

Tara Fitzgerald   James Fox   Brenda Fricker   Michael Gambon

Andrew Garfield   Scott Glenn   Matthew Goode   Heather Graham

Ian Hart   Anne Hathaway   Chris Hemsworth   Kate Hudson

Oscar Isaac   Matt Keeslar   David Kelly   Heath Ledger   John Lithgow

Emily Lloyd   John Lynch   Susan Lynch   Kris Marshall

Catherine McCormack   Natascha McElhone   Ewan McGregor

Samantha Morton   Cillian Murphy   Francis O’Connor   Milo O’Shea

Sean Penn   Natalie Portman   Clemence Posey   Pete Postlethwaite

Jonathan Pryce   Aidan Quinn   Stephen Rea   Michael Richards

Richard Roxburgh  Rodrigo Santoro   Adam Scott   Fiona Shaw

Maggie Smith   Victoria Smurfit   Imelda Staunton   Meryl Streep

Rufus Sewell   Sophie Thompson   Bruce Willis   Debra Winger