This is Ireland’s most popular Screen Acting Part Time course open to all ages and all levels of experience. Year on year it’s popularity increases due to the success of our graduates securing work on major Film and TV productions. This is our ultimate aim.. giving you the tools to find and secure work within the industry.

The Six Month Screen Acting part time course is designed for those actors either starting out in the Film & TV Industry who are looking to get a better understanding of both the theoretical and practical elements of screen acting and for those with some experience but are looking to take their craft to the next level.  Run over 2 nights a week for 6 months, this intensive part-time course will delve into a variety of areas to teach actors the essential tools of screen acting and the chance to explore their potential.
Some of the topics covered include:

  • Voice
  • Character
  • Combat
  • Improvisation
  • Self-Taping
  • Audition Technique
  • Movement
  • Script Analysis and Interpretation
  • Finding the Moment
  • Ownership
  • Alexander Technique

The philosophy, technique, and method for the Screen Acting part time course is overseen by Acting Coach, Voice Coach and Alexander Technique teacher Gerry Grennell whose clients have included Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Heath Ledger, Tom Cruise, Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Annie Hathaway, Oscar Isaac, Orlando Bloom, Marlon Brando, Sean Penn, Michael Gambon, and Heather Graham.

Using similar methods that form the basis of the main Programme for Screen Acting, participants will learn the basics of working with the camera and owning their environment. Sessions with experienced professionals,  access to shooting and screening facilities, coupled with practical hands-on training all contribute to pushing the actor to maximise their potential.

Main tutors on the course will include regular tutors on the Programme for Screen Acting including Acting Coach Gerry Grennell, Filmmaker Shimmy Marcus (Soulboy, Rhinos), Jay Cosgrave (Stunts), Deirdre Crean (Alexander Technique), Sarah Hone (Character), Kev O’Farrell (Camera), Lydia McGuinness (Scene Work), Helena Walsh (Voice), Mary Kate O’Flanagan (Script) plus guests from the Film & TV industry.

This course is a fully immersive and holistic experience and participants may also avail of the full Bow Street facilities during their time on the course which includes Rehearsal Studios, Spotlight Casting Studio, Green Screen Studio, Media Room, Canteen and Common Room. Bow Street will become your home for the 6 months where you can shoot multiple self tapes, access our scenes library, and socialise with fellow students across all our courses where the conversation always leads to screen acting, new techniques, and the best place to get a coffee in the neighbourhood!   Participants are also entitled to attend Special Screenings and Private Q&A’s with industry guests.. some of whom can be seen here.

The success of recent graduates from Bow Street is unparalleled and marks Bow Street out as the most in demand casting resource for Casting Directors. Jim Sheridan cast 20 Bow Street actors on his latest film ‘The Secret Scripture’ and recent graduates can be seen in recent productions like Cathy Brady’s ‘Can’t Cope Wont Cope’, ‘Striking Out” for RTÉ, ‘Vikings’, and multiple features including ‘A Date for Mad Mary’, ‘Cardboard Gangsters’, ‘Black 47’ and ‘Michael Inside’.

Employment of our graduates is our ultimate aim, and the hands-on practical nature of all our training prepares students for the real world of Film and TV.


Dates & Times:

Classes run from 6.30pm – 9.30pm two nights a week.

Course Dates:  Next course runs from October 2019- March 2020


Application is by interview and not audition. Applicants should submit a hard copy cover letter, CV and headshot to:

Screen Acting Part Time
Bow Street
12/13 Bow Street
Dublin 7

Application Fee: €30

Applications: Applications open until  September 6th

Course Fees: €2,800   This fee is payable in installments. €800 Deposit to secure your place if selected, and the balance paid off in installments over the duration of the course.

General Contact:
Ph:  (01) 5310929


The course is brilliantly planned with incredibly inspiring tutors. However for me, reentering the profession, the highlight is the friendly building and community that you are accepted into. The very generous use of the facilities and the fact that you get to watch your filmed scenes back in the Bow Streets cinema with honest helpful analysis and critique. You can’t help but learn and improve.GMcE

All of the tutors on the course have been excellent. They are all very encouraging and make you feel very safe to be yourself! The teaching method and acting techniques at Bow Street have been insightful, relevant and helpful for a student who may wish to pursue a career in screen acting. The module covers all areas of the film business. The Bow Street space is a fantastic one with a very warm and friendly atmosphere. The training course will not only help you as an actor starting out but it will also help you increase self confidence, develop a stronger and more self assured character and give you an opportunity to meet fantastic like minded supportive people who may become life long pals!

My place at Bow Street proved a golden ticket to a rare and unique playground of self-exploration. This is not just acting training, this is a life altering experience. The highly dedicated team will guide you on an evolutionary trip into yourself and your work and offer the support and tools to navigate the industry. You will never look back.” – JH

I was struggling with the idea of whether I needed to do a training course or not. After doing this I feel I’ve gone to a whole other level! It’s changed my whole outlook on how to approach a scene and has giving me tools that give me so much more confidence on camera.

There is a place in Dublin where you can really be yourself and have the freedom to try things out, some will work and some will fail but know this, you will never be judged. The training, guidance and support from everyone who works there is second to none. I was really made to feel at home and will miss it immensely. That place is Bow Street and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to pursue a career in film and TV.”  – DP

I’ve learned from other methods before, but this was by far the most beneficial. You grow so much through the Gerry Grennell method not only in the sense of acting, but in who you are as an everyday spectator of the world.”  –  EB

Bow Street has completely changed the way I approach and perceive the craft of screen acting. Bow Street has surpassed all my expectations. I’m only half-way through the course and I have already learned more about acting in the past three months than I have since I started to pursue a career in the industry. In this course, you are not only going to have the opportunity to work with and learn from extremely talented, smart and insightful tutors, but also open your eyes and mind to a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to performing in front of a camera. I am and will always be forever grateful for everything that Bow Street has taught me. You have already changed my life. Thank you!” – AG

Bow Street is a place you will certainly be pushed to your limits as a person as well as an actor. There is the real sense of community.
It is a place that encourages students to come in on days off to work which I never found with my last experience in acting school. The only negative I can think of is the fact its so great its gonna break the heart a little to leave 🙁  ”  –  IMcG

“The experience I had at Bow Street exceeded my expectations. Through an incredibly well devised module, passionate and extremely knowledgable staff I felt each week I left with an immense amount of new information and constructive feedback that provoked me to challenge and push myself. I could start to feel whatever barriers I had holding me back begin to chip away. Reflecting on the course  has allowed me to see the growth I had which instilled in me the confidence that I have the capacity to keep developing and learning as an actor and as a person. –  GD

I absolutely loved the part time course at Bow Street! The teaching is of a very high standard, leaving you well prepared for auditioning/self tapes as well as areas you might not think of like on set etiquette. Gerry tapes a real highlight – would highly recommend to any aspiring screen actor! ❤️❤️❤️”  AE