Using the most advanced methods taught at Bow Street this intensive 2 Day workshop will give Actors an in-depth insight into the following topics:

* Dissecting the Script
* Creating Character
* Working with Camera
* Ownership
* Audition Technique

The workshop will get participants on their feet, study blocking and movement with camera, filming scenes with critiquing and feedback.
This workshop is ideally suited to those actors with some Screen Acting experience or those with Theatre experience looking to break into screen acting.

Shimmy Marcus is a multi award winning filmmaker and Creative Director at Bow Street. Among the many actors he has worked with are Stephen Berkoff, Oscar nominated Felicity Jones, Martin Compston, Pat Short, Elaine Cassidy, Alfie Allen, David Kelly, and many more.

To apply please send CV and Headshot to:
Limited places available.  Fee: €180

Dates:  January 23rd and 24th 2020


“As someone who trained for the theatre I found the “Acting for Screen” workshop with Shimmy Marcus to be literally an eye opener. Many of the techniques I would have used in the past would do me no favours at a screen audition and the workshop has given me the basic tools that I need to give a compelling on screen performance. ” G. Cannon

” I enjoyed every moment at these two days. I learned so much from workshop, it has really helped me to build up my confidence in front of the camera.”  M. Dudinskas

“It was very beneficial. I feel much more confident with performing on camera. I learned a lot in the two day period in a very relaxed learning environment. Shimmy explained everything so it was easy to digest and take on board.”  S. O’Farrell

“I found that the workshop was a superb introduction to the basics of screen acting. Having come from a training grounded in stage craft, this course gave me an insight into the difference between the two mediums, and gave me transferable skills to help me on stage as well. Furthermore, the relaxed nature of the course meant that everyone felt at ease to give each exercise a try without fear.”  A. McCracken

“I found the workshop with Shimmy Marcus, intense, exhilarating, rewarding and ultimately very enjoyable.  It’s amazing how much content has been put into two days, touching on both theoretical concepts and practical elements.  Straight away I was able to identify common mistakes I make during my own performances and am now armed with knowledge to help correct these. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in or currently involved in screen acting.”  A. Rolph

“Some of the highlights for me were  learning about; ownership, dissecting the script, expressing the right emotion and how to show this on camera, blocking, learning how to not over act, connecting with the audience, being present in the moment, masking, methods for learning lines, tips for auditions and generally way too much to mention. A jammed packed 2 days of learning pure gold from Shimmy!”  F. Sloan