Cathy Brady’s intensive ‘Finding the Moment’ workshop is not to be missed by any actors serious about developing their craft, and learning essential tools to help find the truth in any given moment.

Selected by Screen International for their prestigious ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ list, and a two-time IFTA winner, Cathy Brady’s exceptional work is marking her out as an Actor’s director. Over three action-packed evenings, actors will cover the following topics:

* Creating unique moments

* What makes for an interesting moment/performance?

* Using Imagery and music as source inspiration to explore and unlock character & story

* Exercises to open the script and find the ‘truth in the gap’

* Finding the moment when filming

* Balance of control and freedom on set

This workshop was one of the most popular and effective modules on the Programme for Screen Acting at Bow Street where Cathy is a regular tutor. Ideally suited to those with some screen experience already.

To apply please send CV and Headshot to:

Limited to 14 actors.

Fee: €180

DATES: No dates at present.

Testimonials from those who have attended this course:

CHARLEIGH BAILEY (IFTA Winner ‘A Date for Mad Mary’)
Cathy is THE actors dream director. She brings you into the underbelly of the character, I’m looking at my work totally different since doing her workshop and she’s opened up a lot for me. Everyone NEEDS to do her workshop!

I must say that the Cathy Brady workshop changed me as an actor. I found my creativity as an in the moment was excelled to levels I had not previously experienced and it is Cathy I have to thank for this. Her methods made me look at and interpret text in a different way. I was able to truly connect with the material and realise honestly what was at stake for the character I was playing. I must say that, for me as an actor, Cathy’s method is the only method and I will most definitely attend as many of her workshops as I can. Incredible.

I cannot recommend this course more as a stepping stone in developing your personal process as an actor and finding the emotional context of a scene through music, meisner technique and imagery. The small size of the group means more time is dedicated to each actor. I now feel more prepared when approaching a role having learned these skills.

I thought CATHY BRADY’S course was awe inspiring. I have acted for years but it still had the ability to connect with something I had not touched on before. I have also recommended it to others already and would not hesitate to endorse it further.

You get so much for your money, Cathy is amazing and I defo will be going back in the future.

Cathy Brady’s workshop was so exciting.  I’ve never worked with a director who had such belief in guiding people to the heart of a scene.  Cathy did this, and I felt like she could do this with anyone, actor or non-actor, she was that good!  I learnt as much from watching her work with other actors as I did from working on my own scene with her.  She refused to let anyone pretend they knew what they were doing and in doing so she pushed them to a deeper form of vulnerability which made watching everyone so interesting.  Cathy gave me practical tools to break a scene open, to get to the core of it and find out what is really going on.  I think every actor should do this course!

I did the Cathy Brady workshop last month – 3 evenings and feel very privileged to have worked with  Cathy.  My scene partner and I chose a scene each, it was not easy and I did worry that I wouldn’t find AND stay in the moment, but Cathy’s enthusiasm got us there in the end and I will not forget that moment ever. Cathy was very generous with advice and  it seemed like there was no end to her energy.

I thought the size of the group was perfect. Well priced. Location was super. It’s a fantastic workshop and I’d ensure to recommend it to all the acting peeps!

I returned for my second Cathy Brady workshop for several reasons, the first being the amazing experience I had on the first workshop and everything I had learned but also because, in returning, I knew that I was assured of a safe and productive environment for me to grow, learn and play as an actor. Cathy’s unbelievable attention to detail to her method of unlocking scripts, scene/set preparation, finding a way to connect to and remain present in the moment and her endless, guiding, supporting and interacting is something everyone benefits from. I feel with Cathy’s workshop, its impossible not to broaden the tools available to yourself as an actor, whether by acting, observing, feeling or playing, its extremely powerful stuff. I am always amazed at how much of herself she gives to actors during these workshops, she does not hold back, she is willing, searching and working to help us all find what we need to be the actor that we all apsire to be. If I could do Cathy’s workshop every week I would, I’d be wrecked, but I would.

The Cathy Brady workshop was one of the most eye-opening workshops I’ve done. Cathy’s relationship with actors is refreshing and the tools she provides you with over the course of the three nights I will definitely use as I go on!   Great workshop guys!  Thanks a mill!

I really got a lot out of the 3 nights of work shopping with Cathy. She helped me find a way  to truthfully connect with the text again. I found her method of using music and dance to ignite emotion and  become alive in the moment really effective. The course has given me some solid tools for preparing a character.

Cathy’s workshop was an exhilarating and challenging three days and I am so glad that I booked. It was a chance to really play as an actor and flex our muscles. She has the knack of putting actors at their ease and is incredibly intuitive in drawing out performances and encouraging us out of our comfort zones. She is indeed an Actor’s director and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with her again.

I would say that Cathy really cares and is passionate about truthful acting and I found her workshop to be original, actor-friendly, challenging in all the right ways and something I’d like to do again.