As well as being one of the most in demand Voice and Acting Coaches in Hollywood, Gerry Grennell is also the acclaimed author of  “Directed Activities : A Diary of Practical Procedures for Students and Teachers of the F.M.Alexander Technique.”
Alexander Technique has for many years been a staple part of the actors diet and in this special workshop Gerry will demystify its importance and usefulness in being an integral part of the actors toolbox.

Through the observation and discovery of how you use your body, and how much tension is held throughout, the actor can become more aware of balance, posture, and co-ordination while performing. Ultimately this can help lead to performance with greater spontaneity and freedom of expression.

As Constantine Stanislavski observed,  ‘As long as you have this physical tenseness you cannot even think about delicate shadings of feeling or the spiritual life of your part. Consequently, before you attempt to create anything it is necessary for you to get your muscles in proper condition, so that they do not impede your actions.’

Date:  August 1st

Time: 10am – 5pm

To apply please submit a headshot and CV to or by post to 12/13 Bow Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7.
Course Fee: €100