This intensive 2 Day workshop with Mary Kate O’Flanagan is aimed at actors looking to get a greater understanding of script, the mechanics behind the craft of screenwriting and how to discover as much information and clues from audition scenes. The 2-day programme is designed to train actors on how to read screenplays and make the best choices for the story being told. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to read a screenplay and pick a winner
  • Understanding how story beats affect an audience
  • How to stand out without stealing a scene
  • Working with the intentions of the writer and director
  • The actor’s role in creating and sustaining dramatic tension
  • The actor’s role in visual storytelling
  • Parsing a scene and bringing it to life
  • Characters and gleaming details

This workshop is ideal for actors seeking to get an advantage in auditions and for prep work on scripts throughout the rehearsal process.

Mary Kate trained in the craft of screenwriting with the professors of screenwriting at The University of Southern California. She has worked as a tutor alongside her former professors for the last ten years. She has continued to be mentored by them, in particular David Howard, author of The Tools of Screenwriting. She is a guest tutor at the Czech Film School FAMU and The National Film School in Ireland as well as a lead tutor on pan-European programmes.

In the last year she has given workshops and lectures on screenwriting in Prague, London, Cologne, Pilzen, Valletta as well as Dublin, Cork and Galway. She has also given workshops in Africa. She is a working writer who has written six feature-length screenplays, all of which have been funded by The Irish Film Board and subsequently optioned, currently in development. She holds an MA in Screenwriting, has won pan-European awards for her screenwriting, is a published short story writer and Ireland’s Grand Slam Champion Storyteller at The Moth.

Recent Feedback for Mary Kate’s classes:

“Mary Kate is a breath of fresh air. You leave her class with all the tools an actor needs to break down a script and have a true understanding of the writing process which is invaluable to an actor.”  Billy Lyons

“Mary Kate’s classes were inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining. She has great insight. I left knowing the right questions to ask of both a script, a director and myself.”  Gwynne Mcelveen

“Mary Kate class was really fascinating. She is an excellent teacher and understands the challenges that actors face in an audition with very little information about character and plot. An excellent class.”  Éadaoin O Donoghue

“I actual flew back from LA for Mary Kate’s class at Bow street. She really is fantastic. You could spend years doing countless script courses but Mary Kate really cuts to the chase. . What makes a character compelling? What will make a script succeed? How and why an actor should choose a script? All of the questions and much more where dealt with. She really is amazing.”   Suzanna Geraghty

“Mary Kate’s classes provide a fascinating insight into what makes a successful screenplay. Her experience has clearly given her a unique and comprehensive understanding of how a scene and a script must develop in order to engage the audience!”  Martin Gilligan

“Mary Kate has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. She shares this with openness and humor. I loved her class and felt I left with a greater understanding of what my job as an actor is and just how important to the actor, really great writing is.”  Paula McGlinchey

Date: None currently scheduled.

Time: 10am – 5.00pm

Limited places available.

Fee: €180

To book contact:

Ph:  (01) 5310929